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Evening Rain Single on the Harley Benton Te-90qm Trans Red

I bought a new guitar which you can hear in my latest single.

The Harley Benton Te-90qm Trans Red

A few weeks back I ordered the Harley Benton Te-90qm Trans Red from and sure enough, a few days later it arrived. I also got a matching thomann case.

I can say without a doubt there is no competition for this guitar in the given price range. In my opinion, you would have to spend a minimum of 800 Euro, on other brands, to get a similar sound.

I made some changes to the guitar which brought it from "this is nice" to "this is perfect". The first thing was making a custom nut. I ordered a blank bone nut from Rapsodia, a local store, and used files and sandpaper to give the new nut its shape. After the new nut was the right shape and size i used the Göldo Double Edge Nut File, which I also ordered from thomann, to cut the grooves for the strings. By using the correct file size you ensure you don't get any string buzzing.

The next change was to add string rollers instead of the default string trees.

Here is what the headstock looks like currently.

Handmade custom bone nut on Harley Benton Te-90qm Trans Red

I also exchanged the out of the box guitar strap pins for the chrome Schaller Security Locks.

Chrome Schaller Security Locks on Harley Benton Te-90qm Trans Red

The last step was to add some extra shielding. This is not something which was required but rather something I like to do in order to ensure I have the smallest amount of cable hum possible.

And here is the final result.

Evening Rain - The New Single

Listen to the new single Evening Rain.

There you can download the song for free, as well as my entire discography, in the music section.

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