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Time To Color Blogger Widget

The time to color Blogger widget will generate a background color for your blog according to the current time and update every second.

The end result will look like this.

The Time To Color script can be used on any HTML page. Here are the steps for adding it to Blogger as a widget:

Karate Button - Animated Mobile Menu Button - Twitter Bootstrap 3

A nice addition to Twitter Bootstrap would be an animated mobile menu button similar to the one on the apple.com website.


Keep in mind that if you are not viewing the Demo from a desktop browser you will need to resize the window in order to see the mobile menu button.

In case you were looking for a simple way to add an animated mobile menu button to your twitter bootstrap website, here it is:

In order to have a fully functional Twitter Bootstrap mobile menu Karate Button all you have to do is include the two links below in the header section of your website.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://ta-systems.net/Blogger/tudor-anghelina.com/Karate-Button/karate_button.css">

<script src="http://ta-systems.net/Blogger/tudor-anghelina.com/Karate-Button/karate-button.js"></script>

The Karate Button uses JavaScript for removing the standard Twitter Bootstrap default mobile menu button and replace it with the CSS3 animated mobile menu button.

Please leave your questions / suggestions in the comments sections below.

Free Pure CSS3 Logo

CSS3 is supported on most mobile devices nowadays so you have the option of designing a custom CSS3 logo.

See a demo of the Pure CSS3 logo here and download the code used for this tutorial here.

Each of the five words used for the creation of the CSS3 Logo is enclosed in an individual div. By applying CSS3 gradient backgrounds you will get the colored stripes.

The first letter of each word is actually a lighter version of the background color.

You can combine different color combinations to mach the palette of your brand.